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Toronto Lawyers - Vasectomy and Sterilization


We can help you assert your rights and get the settlement you deserve in a wrongful birth, vasectomy failure or sterilization failure claim. Our Toronto medical malpractice lawyers will deal with your legal claim using a contingency fee arrangement and if you don't succeed in receiving a settlement then your lawyer won't get paid. We will give you free advice on how best to pursue your claim and what actions you should take to preserve your legal rights. If you would like to know if it is possible to claim compensation, just call the helpline or complete the contact form or email our Toronto offices. A medical malpractice lawyer based in Toronto will telephone you as soon as possible with free advice.

Wrongful Birth

Wrongful Birth falls into two categories both of which may involve medical malpractice :-

    The first category arises where correct screening has not taken place and parents have not been warned that a child may be born with a specific disability and if they had been warned would have terminated the pregnancy.

    The second category is sterilization failure or vasectomy failure as follows :-

      Sterilization Failure occurs when a female sterilization operation has been unsuccessful and has resulted in an unwanted pregnancy. It is generally understood that if conception occurs shortly after a female sterilization operation has been carried out then it is likely that the procedure was carried out negligently and a medical malpractice claim will usually succeed. Occasionally even when an operation is performed without negligence it may still fail if one of the fallopian tubes repairs itself which, when it does occur naturally usually takes about a year. Most doctors warn about the risk of this occurrence in advance of the operation and it may be negligent not to advise of this risk in advance of the operation however, this does not excuse a negligent operative technique.

      Vasectomy Failure occurs when a male sterilization operation has been unsuccessful and has resulted in an unexpected conception which may be due to medical malpractice. Common grounds for negligence include the failure to advise about the need to use alternative forms of contraception for several months post-vasectomy, occasional failure of an operation which has been carried out properly and failure of operative technique.

Damages Awards

A medical malpractice settlement for wrongful birth, vasectomy failure or sterilization failure may include compensation for physical and emotional pain and the incapacity and distress of an unwanted pregnancy and labor, together with the costs of re-sterilization or further vasectomy procedure. Compensation can also be claimed following a termination. Some incidental losses and expenses relating to the child’s upbringing can be claimed and considerably more is awarded to a child who has any disability. Healthcare providers including hospitals, consultants, doctors, nurses and technicians are usually fully insured for medical malpractice against wrongful birth, vasectomy failure and sterilization failure and it is the insurer who will normally pay any compensation that is awarded.