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Swimming Accident Lawyer - Toronto Ontario


If you or a loved one have been involved in a swimming accident in Ontario you may be able to recover compensation. Our Toronto swimming accident lawyers deal with personal injury compensation claims using a contingency fee arrangement which means that if you don't receive compensation then your swimming accident lawyer won't get paid. For advice at no cost on how best to pursue your claim including what actions you should take to preserve your legal rights just call the helpline or complete the contact form or email our Toronto offices. A Toronto swimming accident lawyer will telephone you immediately to discuss your compensation claim without further obligation.

Swimming Pool Accidents

Hundreds of Canadian children and adults will drown in a swimming pool accident this year. Those who survive often suffer from brain damage and spinal cord injuries. The most common causes of these accidents include:

  • improperly designed or constructed pool
  • failure to secure pools from small children
  • failure to maintain the pool in safe condition
  • lack of full surround fencing
  • lack of lifeguards
  • lack of safety equipment
  • inadequate warnings
  • lack of safety covers;
  • inadequate supervision of children
  • inadequate instruction and training
  • alcohol use and abuse


Contamination of pools by E. Coli and other bacteria can cause serious injuries. Chlorine kills most bacteria, but some bacteria can survive normal levels of chlorine for several days. Unless proper chlorine levels are maintained, the level of contamination can rise and result in injuries to swimmers.


Diving accidents often result from poorly designed or constructed pools in which the diving board is located in an area of the pool that is too shallow for safe diving. Injuries often occur to the head and neck leading to drowning, brain injury and spinal cord injury. Approximately 10% of all serious injuries resulting in paraplegia are caused as a result of diving accidents.

Swimming Accident Facts & Figures

  • Over 100 adults and children die in pool accidents in Canada every year.
  • Drowning is a leading cause of accidental death for children under 15 years.
  • Males account for over 80% percent of death by drowning cases in Canada
  • Most drowning of children aged less than 4 years occurs in residential pools.
  • Two thirds of drowning accidents occur in pools without full surround fencing.
  • Alcohol use is involved in about 40% of all pool deaths.
  • 10% of all diving accidents result in serious neck or back injury involving paralysis.