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Slip Fall Lawyers - Toronto Injury Compensation


Tripping and slipping compensation claims in Ontario require specialist legal knowledge and experience. Our Toronto slip fall lawyers will maximize your personal injury claim. If you don't succeed in receiving a settlement then your slip fall lawyer won't get paid one cent. Our Toronto slip fall lawyers are experienced in all types of slipping and tripping claims, including slips in restaurants and supermarkets, trips over badly aligned or uneven side-walks and other dangerous surfaces and falls down stairs that are in poor condition or not built to an acceptable standard or are obstructed. For free advice on the law without obligation from a Toronto slip and fall lawyer just call the helpline or complete the contact form or email our Toronto offices. A personal injury lawyer based in Toronto will telephone you immediately to discuss your legal claim.

Can I Claim Compensation?


      The responsibility for sidewalks usually rests with the city authority or the owner of the adjacent property and they have a general duty to maintain to a reasonable standard. In order for a slip and fall lawyer to succeed in a compensation claim it is necessary to show that the sidewalk was dangerous to pedestrians due to the authority or the adjacent owner failing to inspect and maintain.

    Shops And Stores

      Shops and stores have a duty of care to ensure that customers are kept safe. If you hpe an accident which is due to something being on the floor that shouldn't be there then the occupier of the premises may be liable to pay compensation for any injuries that you suffer, even if the cause of your accident was as a result of another customers negligence.

    Other Premises

      The occupier of premises is under a duty to take such care as is reasonable to ensure that any visitors are safe. This covers slips and falls in gardens, hotels, shops, factories, offices, private homes and any other place that a visitor is invited or permitted to be their by the occupier.