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Toronto Pedestrian Accident Lawyer - Injury Law


Our Toronto pedestrian accident lawyers will maximize your Ontario personal injury settlement. Our specialist lawyers who are based in Toronto have a client centered approach and focus principally on your needs and will provide committed and vigorous representation on your behalf. They will ensure that you receive justice by zealously representing your legal position and will take care of your compensation claim in a comprehensive, helpful, sympathetic and professional manner. If you would like advice from a Toronto pedestrian accident lawyer then just call the helpline or complete the contact form or email our Toronto offices.

Pedestrian Accident Statistics

Statistics show that hundreds of Canadian pedestrians are killed every year in vehicle accidents and thousands of pedestrians suffer injuries requiring medical treatment when in collision with motor vehicles. The very nature of the circumstances of a pedestrian accident usually suggests that the car driver will ultimately be held responsible and a pedestrian accident lawyer can often make a legal claim for a personal injury settlement. Pedestrians also suffer many other non vehicle related injuries often caused by poor property maintenance, sidewalk neglect, parking lot defects and construction or other debris on walkways and claims for compensation can be made if it can be established that a third party was negligent and responsible for the cause of any injury :-

  • Pedestrian fatalities account for more than 10% of all motor vehicle related deaths.
  • About one third of pedestrians who are killed by a motor vehicle were legally intoxicated and in about 50% of fatalities either the driver or the pedestrian had a measurable blood alcohol level. If alcohol is involved it is essential to be represented by experienced car accident lawyers.
  • Children under the age of 15 years and younger represent a disproportionately high level of fatal and non fatal injury. 25% of the children between the ages of 5 and 9 years old who were killed in car crashes were pedestrians.
  • Elderly adults of 70 years and older comprise less than 10% of the population but account for almost 20% of all pedestrian fatalities. The death rate for this group is the highest of any age group.
  • Pedestrian fatality rate for males was more than twice that for females. Non-fatal injury rates for male pedestrians were 50% higher than for females.
  • About 70% of pedestrian deaths occur in urban areas however fatality rates are higher in rural areas for almost all age groups. These higher fatality rates may be due to higher driving speeds and less immediate access to emergency medical care in rural areas.