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Toronto Horse Accident Lawyer Compensation


If you would like expert advice at no cost from a Toronto horse accident lawyer just call the helpline or complete the contact form or email our Toronto offices. A personal injury lawyer based in Toronto will review your claim and phone you immediately at no cost and with no obligation to give advice on how best to preserve your legal right to claim compensation for a horse accident.

Safety & Protective Clothing

Toronto horse accident lawyers in Ontario deal with compensation claims for deaths and serious injuries caused every year to pony and horse riders following collisions with motor vehicles which are often as a result of driver ignorance. Probably the single most important way of reducing risk is by the use of safety and protective clothing and high visibility accessories. It is important to ensure that a horse rider can be seen more readily by motorists by using reflective items to make the horse and rider stand out. Even during daylight hours it has been proven to decrease accident risk. There are a number of other things that riders can do to make themselves more safe including :-

  • wear riding boots with raised heels to prevent feet from slipping through the stirrups
  • wearing fastened protective well fitting headgear
  • keeping the horse under control and maintaining a secure seat
  • riding on highways only after you are familiar with your horse
  • calm a frightened horse and give it time to overcome its fear
  • ensure the horse walks when going up or down a steep hill
  • a horse should always be walked on a hard surface
  • allow the horse make his own way when riding on rough ground, sand or mud
  • allow the horse make his own way where there is danger of slipping or falling
  • never ride a horse with just a halter which gives inadequate control
  • ride on the shoulder of any road and follow the rules of the road
  • approach other riders carefully and proceed to pass cautiously on the left side
  • a red ribbon tied into the tail indicates a kicker, so stay back
  • wear light-colored clothing and carry a flashlight and reflectors
  • if the horse is frightened and runs it should be turned in ever decreasing circles until it stops

Horse Accident Injury Statistics

Pony and horse accident statistics make uncomfortable reading. A horse accident lawyer inevitably has to deal with many serious accidents and fatalities usually due to third party negligence :-

  • approximately 1 million people ride a horse or pony every year in Canada
  • one in five horse related injuries occurs before mounting
  • mounted injuries most often involve a fall
  • dismounted injuries most often involve kicking
  • dismounted injuries are usually more serious than mounted injuries
  • most riding injuries are sustained by amateurs whilst pleasure riding
  • head injuries are the most common cause for admission to hospital and death
  • highest injury rates are to those aged 5 to 14 and 25 to 44
  • a rider who has one head injury has 40% chance of suffering a 2nd head injury
  • there are approximately 5,000 horse rider related visits made to emergency rooms
  • the most frequent injuries include fractures, lacerations and head injuries
  • the most frequent cause of death is head injury
  • the most frequent cause of multiple injuries in sport of any description is horse riding