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Toronto Gynecology Malpractice Lawyers


Our Toronto gynecology medical malpractice lawyers have a track record of many years successful verdicts and settlements in Ontario. We will give you free advice on how best to pursue your obstetric or gynecology medical malpractice claim and what actions you should take to preserve your legal rights. Our Toronto lawyers will deal with your claim using a contingency fee arrangement. If you don't succeed in receiving a financial settlement then your lawyer won't get paid. We can help you assert your rights and get the compensation you deserve. If you would like to know if it is possible to claim compensation as a result of a gynecology or obstetric mistake, just call the helpline or complete the contact form or email our Toronto offices and a specialist medical malpractice lawyer, based in Toronto will telephone you as soon as possible with free advice.

Common Gynecology & Obstetric Surgical Errors

Obstetric and gynecology medical malpractice settlements account for half of all clinical negligence compensation awards in Canada including errors in the following fields:

  • Contraception
    • oral contraceptive induced thrombosis
    • perforation of the uterus by intra-uterine contraceptive devices
    • failure to prevent pregnancy
    • side effects of hormone contraceptive injections

  • Complications of abortion:
    • wrongful birth
    • loss of future childbearing ability as a result of infection or because of the need for a hysterectomy
    • incomplete proceedure
    • damage to the uterus or other organs

  • Surgery including laparoscopy
    • injury to the abdominal wall during laparoscopy
    • defective or nonexistent consent
    • undetected internal haemorrhage
    • injury to bowel, bladder or ureters
    • failure to remove swabs
    • inadvertent sterilisation by the introduction of infection
    • unnecessary surgical operations

  • Failure of sterilisation which may lead to abortion or wrongful birth
  • Delay in diagnosis of pregnancy which may lead wrongful birth
  • Failure to act appropriately in cervical cancer or genital cancer cases
  • Delay in diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy