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Elder Abuse Lawyers - Toronto Compensation


Our Toronto elder abuse lawyers specialize in medical malpractice compensation claims and deal with financial settlements for nursing home malpractice. Doctors in Ontario usually provide a high standard of excellence for their patients however there are occasions when things go wrong. Our Toronto elder abuse lawyers deal with claims on a contingency basis which means they don’t get paid unless you get paid. If you would like free advice without obligation from a specialist medical malpractice lawyer then just call the helpline or complete the contact form or email our Toronto offices and a lawyer who is based in Toronto will telephone you at the first possible opportunity.

Nursng Home Malpractice

Canada is an ageing society with birth rates down and the elderly living longer. Many who can no longer care for themselves now rely on long-term care facilities to provide an assisted living environment or full nursing home care. The care home industry has over recent years seen a boom in demand for residential care, however this has been accompanied by an increase in nursing home malpractice and a corresponding increase in elder abuse lawyers to cope with the demand. Many of the institutions that provide care for the elderly are owned by corporations intent on maximizing profit which often means that there are inadequate numbers of properly qualified staff resulting in elderly or disabled residents receiving inadequate care and attention.

Toronto Elder Abuse Lawyers - Legal Action

Elder abuse lawyers will take legal action for any intentional or negligent act by a caregiver or any other person that causes harm or a serious risk of harm to a vulnerable adult including physical, sexual, financial, emotional or psychological harm. A vulnerable adult refers to any person aged over 18 years who is or may be in need of community care services by reason of mental or other disability, age or illness and :-

  • is or may be unable to take care of him/herself
  • or

  • is unable to protect him/herself against physical harm or serious exploitation.

It is also the violation of an individuals human and civil rights by another person. These actions may not only breach criminal law but can give rise to civil legal action for malpractice. Examples of this behavior include :-

  • Physical Abuse
    which is the use of force resulting in bodily injury, physical pain or impairment including striking, hitting, beating, pushing, shoving, shaking, slapping, kicking, pinching, and burning. It also includes the inappropriate use of drugs and physical restraints, force-feeding and physical punishment of any kind.
  • Sexual Abuse
    is non-consensual sexual contact with an elderly person and includes unwanted touching, rape, sodomy, coerced nudity, and sexually explicit photographing.
  • Emotional or Psychological Abuse
    is the infliction of anguish, pain or distress through verbal or nonverbal acts and includes verbal assaults, insults, threats, intimidation, humiliation, enforced isolation and harassment. It also includes ignoring a vulnerable adult, denying their rights so as to cause distress and the use of racist language.
  • Neglect
    is the failure to fulfill any part of a person's obligations, care responsibilities or duties to an elder including failure to provide food, water, clothing, shelter, personal hygiene, medicine, comfort, personal safety and other essentials.
  • Abandonment
    is the desertion of an elderly person by an individual who has assumed responsibility for providing care for an elder or by a person with physical custody of an elder.
  • Financial or Material Exploitation
    is the illegal or improper use of an elder's funds, property or assets.