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Toronto Esophagus Cancer Malpractice Law


Our Toronto personal injury lawyers use contingency fee arrangements to represent their clients in medical malpractice compensation claims, which means that if you don't receive a settlement then they don't get paid. If your condition resulted from medical malpractice, our Toronto esophagus cancer lawyers can help you assert your rights to get the compensation that you need and deserve. If you believe that you have been the victim of medical malpractice in Ontario just call the helpline or complete the contact form or email our Toronto offices and following review of your information a specialist medical malpractice lawyer based in Toronto will telephone you immediately to discuss your claim at no cost to you and with no obligation.

Esophageal Cancer Overview

occurs in the tube that connects the throat to the stomach. There are symptoms and risk factors for esophagus cancer that should be recognized by a competent doctor. When a doctor fails to identify a patient with a high risk factor or fails to recognize the symptoms or does not properly screen and examine the patient then he may be guilty of medical malpractice. Symptoms that should be taken seriously and investigated may include :-

  • difficult or painful swallowing
  • severe weight loss
  • pain in the throat or back, behind the breastbone or between the shoulder blades
  • hoarseness or chronic cough
  • vomiting
  • coughing up blood

Esophagus Cancer Diagnosis

Diagnosis of esophageal cancer usually follows consideration of the patients medical history and after physical examination which may include the following tests :-

    Barium swallow is a series of x-rays taken after the patient drinks a liquid containing barium which is radio opaque.

    Esophagoscopy is an examination using a thin lighted tube called an endoscope which also facilitates collection of cells and tissue for examination under a microscope.


The exact causes of esophagus cancer are not known however there are recognised factors that can increase the risk of developing esophagus cancer :-

  • esophageal cancer is more likely to occur in people over the age of 60
  • it is more common in men than in women
  • smoking cigarettes is a major risk factor
  • chronic or heavy use of alcohol is a major risk factor
  • long-term irritation of the esophagus can increase the risk
  • patients who have had other head and neck cancers have increased risk

Tobacco & Alcohol

Esophagus cancer is particularly serious because it can be well established before it is detected. It is most common in men over the age of 60 and is often, though not necessarily, associated with tobacco smoking and heavy drinking. People who suffer from hiatus hernia or who have worked with metal dust including pipe fitters, plumbers, welders and sheet metal workers are at increased risk of contracting esophageal cancer.

Medical Treatment

Clinical advances have resulted in the possibility to prevent, treat or cure many types of esophagus cancer and even if a cure is not possible then the quality of life can be dramatically improved. The key to successful treatment is usually early diagnosis and if a health care professional has failed through their negligence to diagnose the illness in a timely manner then compensation may be payable for the worsening of the illness. Early diagnosis can mean less pain, less suffering, less financial hardship and a greater chance of survival.