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Personal Injury Lawyers - Toronto Legal Claims - Accident Claims


If you or a loved one have suffered the consequences of serious accidental injury or medical malpractice in Ontario, don't just trust to luck when it comes to choosing a lawyer. In the most serious cases a specialist Toronto personal injury lawyer can make all the difference between success and failure. Our dedicated Toronto personal injury lawyers have the knowledge and understanding required for dealing with very serious accidents and they offer specialities in all major areas of personal injury law. Catastrophic injuries usually occur suddenly and without warning altering the lives of both victims and their families forever. Catastrophic injury includes permanent brain damage, a severed spinal cord, limb amputations and multiple injuries plus a host of conditions caused as a result of accidental physical trauma or medical malpractice. Most people who suffer from these serious injuries don't have the resources to cover the medical and care expenses that are necessarily incurred, often over a lifetime of suffering.

Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers

Our Toronto personal injury lawyers handle all serious accident trauma and negligence liability cases including, but not limited to car accidents, motorcycle accidents, slips and falls, premises liability, dog bites, dog attacks, medical care negligence, medical malpractice, sports injury, products liability, industrial accidents, construction site accidents, work related personal injuries, birth injury, birth trauma, cerebral palsy, Erb's palsy, traumatic brain injury, accidental death, fatal accidents, wrongful death, faulty equipment, severe toxic exposure, defective products and all other personal injury resulting from the negligent or reckless conduct of others in Ontario.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers

The medical profession in Ontario which includes consultants, doctors, dentists, nurses and hospital technicians usually provides a caring service with a high standard of excellence for their patients however there are occasions when things go wrong and you may need to see a medical malpractice lawyer to establish whether you are entitled to financial compensation for clinical negligence. Our specialist Toronto medical malpractice lawyers have a track record of successful verdicts and settlements in Ontario. We have established a network of specialist medical consultants who can be called upon at short notice to give qualified expert opinion in support of your injury compensation claim.

Traumatic Brain Injury & Spinal Cord Damage

Traumatic brain injury and spinal cord damage are amongst the most debilitating conditions very often causing severe disruption to the central nervous system which can affect many of the body's other functions including loss of movement, sensation, communicative skills and cognitive abilities and may also impact on respiration, circulation, the urinary system, the gastrointestinal system, the reproductive organs and other necessary bodily functions frequently leaving the victim immobile and incontinent. Clearly these major disabilities justify an award of fair compensation if the injury was caused by the negligence of another person. If you or a loved one have suffered a catastrophic injury it goes without saying that your local lawyer is not usually the man for the job unless they have extensive experience of settling claims for very serious multiple injuries. if you contact us, a specialist Toronto personal injury lawyer will give you free advice with no further obligation.

Ontario Comparative or Contributory Negligence

In more serious cases in Ontario it is often worth asking a personal injury lawyer to take legal action even if the victim believes that they were entirely or partially at fault and responsible for their own misfortune. The trained legal mind can often find cause to apportion fault wholly or partially to a third party even when a victim may believe that the accident was entirely their own fault. Even if you were partly responsible for the cause of an accident you can often claim a proportion of the damages that would have been awarded to you on a full liability basis. This is known as the doctrine of 'comparative negligence' or 'contributory negligence' which applies where each party shoulders a percentage of fault and anyone injured who contributed to the accident receives a reduced payment to reflect their own share of the liability for causing the accident.

Expert Accident Claim Advice

If your condition resulted from the negligence of a third party then our specialist Toronto injury lawyers can help you to assert your legal rights and get the compensation you need and deserve. Our lawyers are experienced in trying extensive compensation claims for severe and catastrophic personal injures caused as a result of negligence by another person. If you would like legal advice at no cost and without further obligation from a specialist Toronto advocate just call the helpline or complete the contact form or email our offices.