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Spastic Triplegia Toronto Malpractice Lawyers

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Please consider our cerebral palsy information webpage which contains an overview of this condition and its causes. If you believe that your child's condition is as a result of medical malpractice in Ontario and you would like free advice on cerebral palsy compensation claim settlements from a specialist Toronto lawyer just call the helpline or complete the contact form or email our Toronto offices. A medical malpractice lawyer based in Toronto will telephone to discuss your child's claim with no further obligation.

Spastic Triplegia

Most experts consider spastic triplegia cerebral palsy which affects three limbs to be a combination of the other classifications rather than a unique form of CP. It usually affects both legs and one arm and can be caused by a combination of diplegia and hemiplegia or alternatively it can be a form of quadriplegia with a single less affected limb.


Spastic triplegia like all other forms of CP that are associated with spasticity involves the victim suffering from stiff jerky, often involuntary, movements due to permanent brain damage causing poor muscle tone whilst exhibiting a lack of coordination thereby making most physical actions difficult. It can however also be associated with the athetoid or ataxic form or a mixture of all three. There is also a similar unconnected condition called triparesis in which the patient suffers from partial paralysis in three limbs.

Birth Defect or Negligence

Most cases of spastic triplegia arise as a result of a birth defect which is a naturally occurring event that may be associated with risk factors applicable to the mother, the father or the child and does not involve any responsibility from health care professionals however in about 10% of cases the cause of CP results from a birth injury caused by medical malpractice. If a doctor, nurse or technician is involved in the cause of the injury then a claim for compensation can usually be made against the relevant party who will almost always be insured for such eventualities. Compensation that can be claimed may be substantial running into tens of millions of dollars to cover the cost of lifetime care and therapy together with all other reasonably incurred losses and expenses.

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